Time is Money!

So we'll keep this brief

FAE Bookkeeping Services


At FAE Bookkeeping we can work with any accounting package you may be currently using, however we have recently discovered an easy, productive system that we just have to tell all of our clients about.

Xero is the ‘world’s easiest accounting system’ and is taking the accounting and bookkeeping world by storm. Xero is unlike any accounting package you have seen before.


  • Fully online, log in from anywhere
    No more transferring files back and forward which are sometimes too big for email. Easily check on your business while you’re on holiday, on any computer or iphone with internet.
  • Daily bank feeds
    Get your bank transactions automatically into Xero the day after they occur.
  • Real time reporting
    Get current, meaningful reports with up to date information at any time.
  • Corporate security
    Xero use the highest level of security possible, with their servers in the same building as the FBI data. Never worry about losing data again.
  • Unlimited user logins
    Give different permissions to as many people as you like. Give yourself full permission while giving someone else read only permission for a set amount of time.
  • Use the same company file at the same time as someone else
    No more worry about not being about to use your file while your accountant or bookkeeper has it.
  • Only one version
    There is only one version of Xero and it is constantly getting updated with new features. Don’t worry about transferring files when you run a different version to your accountant and vice versa. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mac fan or a PC user, both work seamlessly with Xero.

We can also take care of your transfer from your old program onto Xero. We guarantee that Xero will be the easiest accounting system you have ever used.